Twitter meltdown: Marc Jacobs account goes rogue

In a bizarre series of tweets, the intern handling the fashion house’s Twitter feed ranted about his employer, labeling the CEO a ‘tyrant.’

Twitter blunders are so haute this season.

Just ask the fashion house Marc Jacobs.

It joined the Twitter gaffe act over the weekend, mere months after Kenneth Cole embarrassed itself with an insensitive tweet about the Egyptian revolution.

An unnamed intern, assigned to handle the Marc Jacobs Twitter account while the company looks for an official tweeter, live-tweeted his or her own meltdown. Around midnight Friday, the intern sent a series of bizarre tweets from the Marc Jacobs account, reports the Daily Mail:

“I was asked to do this until we found a replacement… I hate this job. Hope they find someone soon. Robert is so picky! We have presented him with 50 people. He’s not happy.”

“You guys and gals have no idea how difficult Robert is. I am only an intern. My last day is tomorrow. I wouldn’t be tweeting this if not!”

“Good luck! I pray for you all. If you get the job! I’m out of here. See ya! Son’t want to be ya! Roberts a tyrant! Seriously! He is tough!”

“I can call him out! I’m out! Won’t work in this town again! I know that! Learned a lot. But, I don’t have the energy for what is expected!”

“Yea, walk in my MJ shoes! Don’t judge me! I’m alone in this office having to try and entertain you all. This isn’t easy. I have tried. Done!”

Most of these tweets (sent from an iPhone application) were deleted by 4 a.m. EST Saturday. The company followed up with these tweets:

All is well here at MJ. Twitter is a crazy place. Protect your passwords.less than a minute ago via Twitter for iPhoneMarc Jacobs Intl

Things are crazy in the twittersphere. Never let your phone too far out of sight.less than a minute ago via Twitter for iPhoneMarc Jacobs Intl

The story gained attention today on the Daily Mail, New York magazine’s The Cut blog, Mashable, and other sites.

On Twitter, Marc Jacobs shrugged off the incident, sending this tweet to The Cut blog:

@cutblog old news! old news!less than a minute ago via webMarc Jacobs Intl

Is this a big deal to the Marc Jacobs brand?

The Cut doesn’t seem to think so. It wrote:

“They’ll get plenty of people to look at the Marc Jacobs Twitter feed … They actually tweet about the company’s ongoings in an amusing way, rather than having some PR person post about random news headlines or how they wish they hadn’t spilled coffee on their new coral pencil skirt while getting their heel stuck in the sidewalk— ‘#Mondays’—and that sort of thing. Besides, no one looks at Twitter at midnight on a Friday, except careless drunk people.”

Have to agree. This episode will probably help Marc Jacobs in that it boosts exposure to its Twitter feed. When the incident first occurred, Marc Jacobs had about 114,000 Twitter followers. As of Monday afternoon, it was closing in on 116,000.

Someone give that intern a full-time job! As long as you’re not a tyrant.

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