Twitter users roast Steve Harvey following Miss Universe mistake

The comedian, who was hosting, announced the wrong pageant winner last night, and the awkward encounter was posted across social media. Some say it was a PR stunt.

If you missed last night’s evening gowns and swimsuits, a painfully awkward video making its online rounds will bring you up to speed.

Though 7.6 million people watched last year’s Miss Universe pageant, many people were not aware that a new queen was being crowned last night—that is, until host Steve Harvey mistakenly declared Miss Colombia the winner. Nearly three minutes later, the host came back on stage to apologize and declare Miss Philippines the winner.

Social media users quickly posted the gaffe on YouTube; the video below has already amassed more than 1.4 million views:

Snapchat’s live story of the Miss Universe pageant shared a real-time look at backstage and in the audience as producers scrambled to correct the mistake:

It didn’t take long for Twitter users to pile on the snark:

In addition to Harvey’s apologizing on stage and directing booing from the crowd his way, the comedian and host apologized in a press conference afterward. Harvey also took to Twitter after the show and tweeted additional apologies:

However, Harvey incorrectly spelled “Philippines” and “Colombia” and in his first tweet. Though it was soon deleted, Twitter users used it as additional fodder:

Though many social media users made fun of Harvey for his mistake, several applauded his decision to apologize quickly and take responsibility for the situation:

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Others accused the entire gaffe of being an orchestrated PR stunt meant to boost viewership numbers for the Miss Universe Pageant:

What do you think, PR Daily readers? Was this a stunt that worked, or an unfortunate mistake that garnered views in its aftermath? How would you rate Harvey’s mea culpa?

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