Two-letter words for SCRABBLE® enthusiasts and PR pros

For communicators looking to truncate their writing, or win a game of SCRABBLE®, here are the 105 most overlooked short words, and their less perfunctory definitions.

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It’s amazing what random knowledge you collect in PR.

That’s good, considering non-PR professionals expect you to be a beacon of wisdom in literature, grammar, advertising (not the same as PR, by the way), and all other things people mistake for public relations.

One place this fact manifests is the SCRABBLE® board. While a SCRABBLE®-loving PR professional is likely aware of “quixotry” or “syzygy,” only top competitors have mastered the oft-overlooked two-letter words.

Did you know that two-letter words can be worth up to 33 points, such as “qi” or “za,” played on a triple word score? Or that Scrabble has added nine of them since the 2001 edition of the game?

The next time a jealous competitor asks, “If you’re in PR, then what does ‘aa’ mean?” you can confidently state that it is a rough, cindery lava, before brushing the dirt off your shoulders and playing for the triple word score. Or, casually slip “Oy, ae ai in an al et my ma — mm” into your next news release.

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