Unpaid content on Facebook offers poor value

According to the latest report from Trust Insights, brand content on Facebook without any budget to boost its reach is pointless.

When it comes to organic content on Facebook, the latest reports suggest that your time might be better spent elsewhere.

Ever since Facebook changed its newsfeed algorithms to de-emphasize publishers and brand content on its platform, social media marketers have questioned the value of organic content on Facebook. Now, some experts argue that without spending to boost your reach, your content is useless on the platform.

The figures in the report from TrustInsights reveal that on average only one out of every 4,600 followers is engaging with unpaid content on Facebook’s platform. By contrast, email platform MailChimp’s engagement rate is 121 times greater.

The report suggests that communicators must accept the new reality: Facebook is just an ad platform.

How are you planning to use Facebook in the coming year, PR Daily readers?


One Response to “Unpaid content on Facebook offers poor value”

    Jane Kovacs says:

    Could just be the nature of our business (we are a healthcare clinic), but over the last two weeks, we’ve had 10K engagements and we have 9.7K followers. So we are seeing heavy engagement with our organic posts.

      Ted Kitterman says:

      That’s really interesting. I wonder if it has something to do with your community building efforts on the platform, or if Facebook looks at content from a health care organization in a different manner.

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