US Airways accidentally tweets lewd photo, apologizes

The airline posted a photo of a woman with a toy airplane coming out of her privates in response to a customer question. It has deleted the tweet and said it’s investigating what happened. (UPDATE)

It’s been a weird couple of days for airline Twitter feeds. First, American Airlines had to threaten a 14-year-old Dutch girl with an FBI investigation (and then she was actually arrested). Then, Southwest Airlines dealt with a copycat. Now, US Airways has an even stranger story on its hands. In response to a customer service request, someone at the airline tweeted a reply that included a graphic photo of a woman with a toy airplane in her vagina. Jalopnik has the uncensored, highly unsafe for work photo. US Airways quickly deleted the tweet and issued this apology:

Many of the Twitter responses seem to be surprisingly good-humored about it, with one saying, “Don’t apologize it was great!” Let’s see if this week can get any weirder for airline social media. UPDATE: US Airways has opted not to fire the employee who tweeted the photo. “The individual who was involved will not be reprimanded or anything of the sort,” said spokesman Matt Miller.””It was an honest mistake.”


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