Use ChatGPT to craft social posts that strike the right tone

AI can make crafting social messaging more efficient. Here’s how.

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Technology icons transfer data through programming codes, artificial intelligence concept. Brands can use AI to create more targeted messages for social media.

OpenAI’s ChatGPT and other AI-powered platforms are quickly gaining momentum in the PR industry as savvy AI users are using these tools to help in a variety of tasks, including crafting social media copy.

During Ragan’s AI Certificate Course for Communicators, a three-week virtual training, Nova Lorraine, author, Web 3 strategist and founder of Raine Magazine, discussed in depth the first week using AI to your brand’s advantage.

“If you’re limited on resources in terms of your team or you’re just frustrated with your social media ad agency, this is a way to add value with ChatGPT,” Lorraine said.

Be more strategic with your social media messaging  

AI can assist with content creation by generating topic ideas. It can take content you’ve written in the past and transform it into social media fodder, for instance. Or AI could offer writing assistance and optimize social media content for search engine visibility and help with overall marketing efforts. Dabble with these AI-based content generation tools to double down on your posting efforts so your content can be crisp, engaging and relevant, Lorraine advised.

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