Users bash Instagram’s new logo

The photo-sharing app launched a new look on Wednesday and its community of ‘grammers did not approve. Here’s what’s different.

Not long ago, Uber changed its logo and most of the Internet freaked out. Now it’s happened again with Instagram.

The Facebook-owned photo sharing app doffed its ubiquitous tan-and-brown camera logo for a sunburst design with a white camera outline inside:

Instagram design lead Ian Spalter was tasked with creating a logo that attempted to capture Instagram’s expanding app lineup, including Hyperlapse, Layout and Boomerang. In a Medium post, Spalter wrote about his team’s thinking process and called the old logo “not reflective of the community”:

Last year, a group of us started digging into how we could support this evolution while staying true to Instagram’s heritage and spirit. We wanted to create a look that would represent the community’s full range of expression — past, present and future.

For the logo’s launch, Instagram marketers created a hype reel:

The app’s internal layout has switched to a simplified black-and-white design in all text and icons. RELATED: Get the scoop on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram developments at Facebook headquarters.

If there’s anything folks on the internet strongly dislike, it’s change. Instagram’s move riled up its share of Twitter critics:

Unlike the nearly unanimously hated Uber logo, Instagram’s change has gotten some praise:

What do you think of the logo change, PR Daily?

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