Visual content receives 94 percent more views than text-only marketing

Images are an integral part of brand manager’s success, and can better attract consumer’s attention. These infographics highlight the struggle to craft it, along with the payout.

Strong visual content is key to finding success in today’s communications landscape, whether it’s social media, email marketing or content creation.

Crafting strong visual content isn’t easy, however. Nearly half of all businesses (49 percent) only have one person in their organization working on content marketing. Plus, the majority of marketers (75 percent) say they don’t have an effective creative collaboration process.

So, how are these organizations supposed to create visual content that entices consumers to view it?

Hightail explained in an infographic why visual content is such a challenge:

Even though it can be a difficult task for brand managers, visual content has become ubiquitous. The majority of marketers (87 percent) say they already deliver content consistently and most B2C marketers (73 percent) say they plan to increase the amount of content they produce next year.

Here’s more on how marketers are sharing content every day, via Hightail:

When you look at how successful content marketing with strong visuals can be, it makes sense why marketers would share it online daily. When content contains visuals, it receives 94 percent more views than when there are no images.

For more on how powerful visuals can make your content strategies, check out another Hightail infographic below:


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