Wendy’s data breach is ‘considerably higher’ than previously announced

The fast food chain is expanding its investigation after it found that at least 50 additional restaurants experienced cybersecurity issues. It blames the attack on malware.

These days, no company is safe from a data breach.

Fast food burger chain Wendy’s is the latest to fall victim to an attack—but its bigger than originally reported.

The company broadened an investigation into suspicious credit card activity at 300 (5 percent) of its restaurants that was launched in January. Wendy’s officials are now calling that number “considerably higher.”

The problem stems from a form of malware that allowed hackers to gain access to customer credit card data. Wendy’s says another 50 restaurants have cybersecurity issues.

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Here’s more info on the breach from Wendy’s statement to the press, which security expert Brian Krebs first published on his site:

In this continued investigation, the Company has recently discovered a variant of the malware, similar in nature to the original, but different in its execution. The attackers used a remote access tool to target a POS system that, as of the May 11 th announcement, the Company believed had not been affected. This malware has been discovered on some franchise restaurants’ POS systems, and the number of franchise restaurants impacted by these cybersecurity attacks is now expected to be considerably higher than the 300 restaurants already implicated. To date, there has been no indication in the ongoing investigation that any Company-operated restaurants were impacted by this activity.

The company is also blaming the breach on “certain service providers’ remote access credentials being compromised.”

Customers who think they might have been affected are urged to call a Wendy’s hotline (888-846- 9467) or email PaymentCardUpdate@wendys.com with questions.

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