Wendy’s dishes snark, endears consumers

The fast-food restaurant’s social media team is receiving positive PR for the amusing way it handled a hater online and is responding to comments. Community managers, take note.

If you mess with Wendy’s on social media, be forewarned—you might get burned.

That’s what happened recently after the company’s social media team posted this to its Twitter account:

Shortly thereafter, Twitter user @NHride (whose account has since been deleted) posted this:

Apparently, Wendy’s takes the “fresh never frozen” claim very seriously. Its retort came swiftly:

That’s when things got a bit chippy:

Thuggy-D then brought McDonald’s into the conversation:

It was a big mistake:

Though user deleted the account, thanks to Twitter user @Fraxtil, the interaction went viral:

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Anderson Cooper even mentioned it on his show:

Wendy’s team is continuing to disperse sass to gain momentum and build a reputation:

The tactic is working—millennial consumers are endeared to the company’s snarky style. Check out these replies and bask in the team’s cleverness.

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