What content do readers find credible?

A new report from Buzzstream and Fractl focuses what kinds of content are seen as highly authoritative by audiences. Here’s what the study shows.

Methodology Trustworthiness Graph

According to research from Fractl and BuzzStream, readers vary on what they find credible in online content.

Data analysis is most likely to be seen as highly authoritative, and surveys are more likely to be seen as not authoritative at all. However, most content falls in the middle.

That means you will have to take extra steps to convince audiences of the value of your research.

One surprising way to easily boost your credibility is to leave off your logo.

The report says:

What if we include the brand logo on the image? Does that affect the authority of the content?

…The logo does indeed diminish the perceived authority of an image.

Now, that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s a bad idea. It does help with brand awareness and provides a source for the content. But if you produced really top-notch content from original data, and you want it to appear as authoritative as possible, you might want to consider leaving the logo off the images.

Here’s how the logo can affect your content:

Logo Sourcing Authoritativeness Graph

To learn more, see the full report.


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