What do digital marketing pros do all day?

If you have a hard time getting others to understand your career, you’re not alone.

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Picture the scene. It’s Christmas day or a birthday party. All of your extended family are in one room, and you can sense the inevitable is about to happen.

Between rushed sips of your Babycham, you spot Auntie Carol and Uncle Michael grinning at you across the room, gesturing for you to come and join their conversation.

After the initial, “My, haven’t you grown!” comments and painful cheek pinching comes the question you’ve been dreading: “So, what do you do now?”

Explaining digital marketing

A survey by LinkedIn found that 35 percent of parents aren’t familiar with what their child does for a living, but 59 percent want to know more about what their children do all day.

From personal experience, the above statements seem to be true, but why are these percentages so high? Is it because we’re not explaining ourselves properly? More worryingly, as marketers, are we not marketing ourselves properly?

Feeling a bit puzzled, I wanted to find out what the other people here at Venn had experienced when attempting to explain what they do for a living.

Explaining digital account management

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