What public relations and soccer have in common

Believe it or not, working in an agency office can feel a lot like running up and down the pitch.

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During my 4-month internship at The Hoffman Agency, I have come to realize that soccer and public relations bear some striking similarities.

As a soccer fan and player, every day at the agency was an eye opener to the industry, but at the same time it felt familiar.

Here are a few ways being in the office felt like running up and down the pitch:

Communication is key.

Communication is one of the most important aspects of soccer. Rarely is a soccer match silent. It’s always noisy, with players barking out instructions and motivating each other.

Communication is just as important in PR. It involves talking with your clients, your colleagues and journalists, to ensure that everyone knows what they’re doing. Like soccer, the PR industry is dynamic and ever-changing. Things can take an unexpected turn, like when your opponent changes tactics to counter yours. When this happens, it’s up to the players on the pitch to communicate with each other and ensure that team isn’t caught out by their opponent’s adjustment.

It is important to have leaders to guide the team – either vocal leaders like Roy Keane, or those who lead by example like Steven Gerrard. A captain, or in PR an account manager, is the person the team looks up to for support and guidance.

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