What to do when reporters don’t respond to your pitch

You’ve done your research. Targeted your pitch, and—crickets. It’s frustrating. The author knows, and she wants to help.

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You cut to the core of me, Simon & Garfunkel. You understand what it’s like to send researched, targeted pitches to the right media contacts and get no response.

Oh, I’ve botched the lyrics? Paul and Art weren’t concerned with pitching? (Are you sure? I mean, “Scarborough Fair” does seem to build awareness of parsley, sage, rosemary and thyme …)

But “The Sound of Silence” plays in my head sometimes after I’ve been pitching endlessly with no responses.

I’m not a newbie, and I’d like to think I’m OK at this media relations thing. I pitch all sorts of clients to all sorts of media outlets. I research. I make sure the angle is something the outlet would cover. I try to find a news connection and interesting statistics. I search for the proper contact. I offer the necessary interview opportunities. I may pitch a lot of people in different markets, but I never do a “mass pitch”—they’re always tailored.

And yet sometimes … nothing.

No responses.

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