What word appeared 243 times in press releases this week?

A new press release aggregator provided some telling information about the jargon that PR pros use.

Last June, PR strategist Adam Sherk searched PRWeb’s archive of press releases to determine the 100 most overused buzzwords in marketing and PR. The top five were “leader,” “leading,” “best,” “top,” and “unique.”

This week, he ran 25 of those overused words through PRFilter, a new website that aggregates press releases, to see how they performed. The most popular word on the site: “solutions,” which appeared 243 times.

Sherk acknowledged that the overuse of this word is skewed by “regular usage.”

Trailing “solution” were “leading provider” (217), “leading” (116), “award-winning” (84), and “real-time” (59). How often do you use these words?

Read Sherk’s full list of 25 here.


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