What your desk décor says about you

The tchotchkes with which employees decorate their offices are a form of internal communication in themselves, according to a new survey from The Creative Group.

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What constitutes internal communications? Emails? Certainly. Intranet articles? Of course. Memos? Sure.

But what about that rock collection you keep in your office, or your desk full of paper airplanes? According to a new study from design and marketing recruiting firm The Creative Group, employees and businesses communicate a lot through their office décor.

“It’s important for hiring managers to understand, when they’re trying to recruit top talent and bring them into their work environment, the work environment really sends a message,” says Donna Farrugia, executive director of The Creative Group. “You spend so much time in your workspace. A good workplace design can really be the closing factor in whether this top candidate says yes to your offer.”

Weirdest of the weird

The Creative Group interviewed more than 750 marketing and advertising executives to ask what the weirdest bits of decoration they’ve seen in workers’ offices. Among the responses were a wall of empty soda cans, a live pig, drawers full of clothes, a mermaid sculpture, a skull-shaped flower pot, a tombstone, old magazines, and an extraordinary number of paper dolls.

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