10 internal communications best practices during COVID-19

Follow this guidance to keep your employees engaged and well informed amid these extraordinary circumstances.

COVID-19 is forcing companies to get serious about the vital importance of communication.

Timely, thoughtful messaging can boost morale and make employees feel reassured, hopeful and uplifted. Poor communication can cause panic or costly chaos.

To help guide communicators through this difficult season wracked by confusion, anxiety and misinformation, Simpplr is offering a free download, “10 internal communications best practices during COVID-19.” The guide is jam-packed with sound advice and useful tips, and it covers specific topics communicators will find of great interest, including:

  • How to answer difficult questions from workers
  • How and when you should be communicating with employees
  • What sorts of content, channels and platforms merit priority right now
  • Tips on collaborating with IT to ensure your messaging remains seamless
  • Guidance on amplifying key leaders’ voices
  • Ideas to keep remote workers engaged, motivated and encouraged amid COVID-19 restrictions
  • How to prepare your workplace for a post-COVID-19 world

Download your free guide today, and start crafting better messaging that resonates with employees.

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