10 techniques to beef up your networking

The prospect of networking can be nerve-wracking even for seasoned communicators.

Plunging into a crowd and trying to connect can make you feel like a low-end used-car salesman. So, how can you connect genuinely and get the most out of conferences and other business events?

This free download offers tips from experts that will help you make the most of any event. Plus, once you jump in and start meeting new people, you’ll find it’s much more fun than hanging back.

After all, you’re not alone. Plenty of others are uneasy about how to network, but they’d love to connect with you.

In this tip sheet, you’ll learn:

  • How to prepare before an event
  • Why you must dive in
  • How to play reporter
  • When to move on from a conversation
  • Why you shouldn’t forget the sponsors
  • How hashtags can help your networking
  • Why LinkedIn is an ideal venue for following up
  • How to share the love on social media
  • The role of email
  • The possibilities of “blind dating” as a networking tool

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