17 Things Facebook Learned in Lockdown

Top leaders share takeaways to maximize workplace culture and internal communications—during and after the COVID-19 crisis—in this guide by Workplace from Facebook.

The future of work has never been more in flux.

Long-held beliefs about workplace culture and office-bound business operations were upended overnight when companies switched to remote work—almost overnight—when COVID-19 closed offices in the Spring of 2020.

However, after more than six months of remote work, onboarding new technologies and considering the future of work, many of us have more questions than answers.

In a new guide from Workplace from Facebook, titled “17 Things Facebook Learned In Lockdown,” Brynn Harrington, vice president of people growth, and Jonny Oser, global director of internal communications, share some key takeaways.

Pivotal lessons include:

  • Working from home and remote work are two different things. Applying traditional office practices to homebound workers can have disastrous results.
  • Lockdown affects people differently. Organizations must have a wide range of responses to accommodate a multitude of employee circumstances.
  • Invest in great tools. For remote work to be successful, employees need seamless, user-friendly resources that makes their lives easier.
  • Behavior changes may be permanent. Audience engagement acquired during the COVID-19 crisis might stick around—if handled correctly.
  • Set clear expectations for remote work. With fewer touchpoints, staffers need clear, cogent expectations for their duties.
  • Only people can create culture. A bold and important claim from a technology leader. Read the full report to learn what they consider essential for a modern, inclusive and welcoming workplace.


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