2020 Evolution of the Intranet Survey

Enterprise intranets gain increasing importance, yet struggle to align technology and goals.

The corporate Intranet is once again in the spotlight.

As COVID-19 continues to reshape how we work and stay connected with each other while working from home, companies face new pressure to formulate strategies that keep their remote workforce productive and connected. Organizations must maintain and continue to expand the important work to cultivate strong employee culture, which highlights the need for a centralized information hub that is easy to use and provides business-essential information via any device.

A new report from Brightspot—the “2020 Evolution of the Intranet Survey”—offers the most current benchmarking data that yields smart insights into:

  • How COVID-19 is affecting employee sentiment toward the company intranet
  • What should be the top intranet objectives and goals
  • Which intranet technology platforms appear to be rising
  • Tips and tactics to ensure intranet ROI
  • Ensuring better collaboration with IT
  • What you must do to future-proof your intranet and account for drastic workplace shifts

Download your free report today to create an intranet strategy that helps you keep employees connected and aligned to the important work of your organization.

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