3 Approaches to Strengthening Employee Experience

One annual employee survey to measure employee experience is no longer enough, especially when the workplace is at such an inflection point. As many organizations continue to navigate being fully remote or hybrid, it can be challenging to keep employees connected to each other and the mission, purpose and values of the company. Add to this, the Great Resignation, which has changed thinking around employee retention, hiring and onboarding.

The through line for all this is employee experience. What are some effective employee experience strategies that human resource and internal communication leaders should be considering? To help, Simpplr and Ragan share their “3 Approaches to Strengthening Employee Experience” guide, which features perspectives on the role of employee experience, tips for how to effectively measure and monitor it, and what work is yet to be done.

Key takeaways that can be found in the guide include:

  • Why measuring the return on investment around employee experience matters.
  • How human connection helps with understanding data.
  • The importance of having regular employee touch points, such as pulse surveys and an interactive intranet.

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