3 strategic changes you must make now for email success

Email is more essential than ever in the mobile era. What must change is communicators’ approach.

You’re providing information for your employees. Whether it’s benefits updates or that company picnic you’ve planned, they’ll miss out if they don’t read your emails. Yet so many of your messages are going unanswered, even ignored.

What to do? In this free download, you’ll find out how surprisingly easy it is to make tactical changes that boost your strategic success across this vital channel. You will learn:

  • How to grab readers’ attention by changing the “from” line
  • What adds “must read” pizazz to subject lines
  • The punctuation mark that lends urgency to your missive
  • Why A/B testing helps
  • What to do about those Berlin Walls of text
  • Ways to use images effectively
  • Why the number of links makes a difference
  • Why you’re losing readers if you fail to design for mobile
  • How many pixels you have for getting your point across
  • How five simple words in a subject line can ramp up engagement

Download your free guide below.

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