The Total Economic Impact ™ of Workplace From Facebook

Using a prescribed framework, Forrester offers an analysis of how Facebook’s enterprise communications platform offers savings and increased efficiency.

Facebook knows a thing or two about bringing people together in online communities.

The social media company boasts the largest global user-base, particularly if you combine the user totals from some of its subsidiary brands like Instagram and WhatsApp. But do Facebook’s tools translate to a work setting?

Workplace from Facebook is the company’s platform for helping companies large and small improve collaboration, build culture and strengthen the bonds that drive success. And now there is data to prove that the investment is worth the money.

This report from Forrester follows the TEI framework (Forrester’s proprietary methodology) to evaluate the ROI of IT solutions. When the numbers are crunched for 19 different companies using Workplace from Facebook—and surveying over 200 users—the results are clear.

There’s a big return on investment, to the tune of 398%.

Dig into the full report to answer your questions about Workplace from Facebook and get the data you need to make the case for the tool to your executive team.

Some of the key insights included:

  • How the tool improves efficiency and drives engagement with employees
  • Real dollar figures on how Workplace saves current customers money
  • How a fast adoption rate leads to easy implementation
  • How Workplace cuts the cost of leadership communications

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