4 Must-Have Components of a Remote Onboarding Program That Builds Company Culture

Shared experiences create powerful bonds, a dynamic that’s essential to the success of new employees at all organizations. But when onboarding team members is done on a remote basis, establishing that dynamic is much more challenging.

Onboarding is an even more critical touch point for introducing new employees to the company culture in the post-pandemic hiring landscape.

With all this in mind, Ergotron has created a whitepaper that lays out the key principles for a successful remote onboarding process that will help guide you through the process for each and every new employee.

You’ll learn:

  • Why successful remote onboarding is built around organizational values, not culture.
  • How successful remote onboarding should highlight choices and personalization for new employees.
  • The ways that a successful remote onboarding experience makes subsequent business outcomes measurable.
  • How organizational health is directly tied to successful onboarding.

Download your guide today and use these four cornerstones for an advantage in creating a healthy, flexible and unique company culture, no matter where employees work.

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