7 ways to get honest feedback from employee surveys

Hoping to boost participation in employee surveys? Don’t try to ensnare your workforce through a communication bombardment.

Success requires a winning strategy across your entire business: becoming the kind of open organization that values truth-telling and transparency.

In this FREE guide from Ragan and ContactMonkey, you’ll learn how to:

  • Poll anonymously. Unless employees know their identity is private, they’re unlikely to express authentic opinions.
  • Reveal your results. Don’t hide your survey results under a bushel. Trust means laying out the good with the bad.
  • Act on what you learn. If employees don’t see change—or hear a good explanation why proposed changes aren’t enacted—they won’t bother to participate in the future.
  • Check the pulse of employees. Find out what polling tactic boosts participation and trust.
  • Ask about leadership. Managers provide feedback to employees; is this a two-way street in your organization?
  • Never retaliate. Avoid management behavior that can ruin survey results in your organization.

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