9 Ways to Earn—and Keep—Executive Support for a New Intranet

Your senior leadership team wants you to prove your technology request will boost the bottom line. Here’s how to win their initial and ongoing backing—enabling you to overhaul and sustain a vibrant Intranet experience.

However necessary that new intranet may be, you can’t just march into the corner office and demand the funding. Learn how to win over your executives, enabling you to create and sustain a powerful intranet experience.

In this free download from Rightpoint and Ragan Communications, you will learn how to prove the business value of a new intranet and keep the momentum going after you launch. You’ll learn:

  • How to define your purpose.
  • Why you must weave the intranet into your business strategy.
  • Ways you can show that knowledge-sharing saves time and money.
  • How data insights build post-launch success.
  • A phrase that will make your leaders sit up and pay attention (it has to do with efficiencies).
  • The importance of having a one-stop shop for truth.
  • How collaboration plays a part.
  • How to boost efficiency with digital architecture.
  • Tricks for using content creation to solve problems.

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