A Communicator’s Guide to Building Empathy into Your Culture

Nationwide, Allstate and more share the ways empathy has positively impacted their engagement with employees for better business results.

If 2020 taught us anything, it’s that empathy is vital to internal communications, but is often misunderstood.

How employers and employees view empathy differs. While CEOs think of empathy in terms of the end result of increased productivity, employees believe empathy makes work a better place to invest their time.

CEOs believe they’re empathetic. Their employees don’t feel the same way. The breakdown in empathetic communication happens in the in-between.

Communicators hoping to avoid these missteps will get the answers here. Our Executive Summary of an exclusive report from Ragan’s Communications Leadership Council will show how cultivating empathy in culture, leadership, and internal communications is the solution for clearer messaging to employees. It’s packed with real-word examples from Nationwide, Allstate and more.

You’ll learn:

  • Ways to build an empathy-first culture
  • How to work with leadership to courage empathy
  • Techniques to help managers infuse empathy in their day-to-day communication
  • And much more

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