Brand Journalism on the inside

Why should your employees care? Stop churning, and start storytelling!

Great stories are picked up, passed on and shared.

That goes for internal communication, too, but how can you grab busy readers’ attention during this stressful period of history?

Where there are people, there are stories – you just need to learn to unearth them. A new guide from Ragan Consulting Group, “Brand Journalism on the inside,” demonstrates how to surface compelling stories in your midst—even if your team is tiny. The free download will help you:

  • Focus on the human drama, not the business drama.
  • Present the bottom-line business case for a brand journalism approach.
  • Learn how to wrap and weave data into compelling, memorable stories.
  • Conduct a comms audit.
  • Create your own newsroom.
  • Measure the success and impact of your brand journalism efforts.

Ready to swap boring content for stories that move people to act—and possibly even feel some emotion? If so, download your free guide today.

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