Building a Better Employee Experience

At a time when scores of employees are leaving their jobs in search of greener pastures, companies are scrambling to build healthier, more appealing work environments to boost worker retention.

But where is the best place to start? Financial incentives? More workplace happy hours?

PoliteMail’s “Building a Better Employee Experience” whitepaper argues that the best employee experience starts with a strong foundation. Its five-level hierarchy of priorities for a strong employee experience is bookended by employee engagement and wellness initiatives.

The guide offers tips on:

  • Determining and measuring the highs and lows of employee engagement
  • How best to recognize and commend a job well done
  • Why diversity, equality and inclusion should be more than just buzzwords
  • The importance of employee communications and setting expectations
  • The companywide benefits of offering wellness initiatives

Happy clients and customers come from happy employees. PoliteMail’s “Building a Better Employee Experience” guide will help your company mitigate the “Great Resignation” and retain essential team members.

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