Corporate Communications Internal Email Benchmarks for 10 Industry Sectors

Email is still the linchpin of business communication.

However, it takes strategy to maximize this crucial channel.

PoliteMail’s new report, “Corporate communications internal email benchmarks for 10 industry sectors,” provides a data-backed framework for successful email efforts.

The report distills email intelligence gleaned from 1.3 billion internal emails sent to 8.5 million employees globally and answers key questions such as:

  • Do you send too much corporate email?
  • What's a good corporate email open rate?
  • How much, or little, do employees actually read?
  • What are the most valuable email KPIs?
  • Does measuring results lead to improvements?

The guide also offers corporate email communication benchmarks for 10 S&P industry sectors, including technology, health care, financial, industrial, and energy.

Download your free report today, and start making your internal emails an asset.