Corporate Communications Internal Email Benchmarks for 10 Industry Sectors

Studies and surveys affirm that email remains the most essential channel for internal communications.

It isn’t going away, so it pays to get smarter about it. How to make the best use of this channel?

Drawing on PoliteMail intelligence gleaned from more than a half-billion emails, this report uses aggregated, anonymized metrics to provide data-driven conclusions you won’t find anywhere else.

Boost the success of your emails through better tactics and strategies. In this FREE download, you will learn:

  • Why email metrics matter
  • What benchmark data is and what industry sectors it covers
  • What a good corporate open rate is
  • The story of reach, readership and engagement
  • Average email key performance indicators (KPIs) by industry sector
  • KPls for reach, frequency, readership and engagement
  • How long the typical employee spends reading an email—and how to better deliver your message within that time window
  • What you should know about engagement standards

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