Create A Movement Mindset

How small shifts can make a big impact in health and well-being.

The pandemic has profoundly upended when, how and where we work.

For employees who’ve been thrust into a long-term remote work setting—with no end in sight to the scourge of COVID-19—that’s meant a lot more time spent sitting hunched over a keyboard.

To help get employees moving in a healthier direction in 2021, Ergotron has published “Create a Movement Mindset.” The free download offers helpful, practical tips to get workers moving more throughout the day, which can boost productivity, morale and your organization’s bottom line. The guide can help you:

  • Use science-backed methods to increase healthy habits.
  • Encourage workers to make incremental changes in daily routines to facilitate greater health, energy, connectivity and collaboration.
  • Leverage community, competition and camaraderie to drive improved well-being among employees.
  • Create wellness-based goals that are easy—and satisfying—to achieve.
  • And much more.

Download your free guide today to start moving in a healthier, happier direction.

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