Evolving Executive Comms to Engage Employees Everywhere

Seven executive communicators share their experiences using traditional and innovative channels to reach employees in the post-pandemic landscape

As communicators seek to engage dispersed workforces and help culture thrive, they must figure out the right mix of content, channels and cadence. The most forward-thinking communicators are reconsidering this mix with a strategic reconfiguration of the workplace norm that considers which employees need to be physically present for daily collaboration and whose work can be flexible alongside business needs.

Insights into how comms pros are reaching employees in these unprecedented times are outlined in Ragan’s Evolving Executive Comms to Engage Employees Everywhere, an exclusive research project created for Ragan’s Communications Leadership Council.

These seven case studies feature professionals who have embraced a range of tactics, from tried and true recognition programs to new tools and techniques like virtual town halls, ensuring that their workforce is consistently productive and connected.

The full 23-page Report is available only to members of the Communications Leadership Council and includes in-depth stories, testimonials and recommendations. But you can read the executive summary to gain a taste of the insights of the full Report.

You’ll learn how communicators from a range of industries reach employees using:

  • Evolved executive communications strategies including tech to reach deskless workers
  • Town Halls that were refined to engage the virtual watercooler
  • Employee resource groups to cultivate community
  • Surveys to feed the feedback loop and function as an effective measurement tool
  • Podcasts to eliminate the barriers of distance and dispersed workforces
  • Recognition programs to reinforce camaraderie
  • And much more.

Download your copy of the exclusive Executive Summary today and unlock case studies that will help you meaningfully engage with employees in 2022 and beyond.

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