Global State of Internal Communications 2022

The “new normal” in the workplace is no longer new — now, it’s just normal. Employers have developed countless return-to-office plans and hybrid work strategies, and now is the time to level up your internal comms practices to keep employees engaged.

ContactMonkey’s new report, “Global State of Internal Communications 2022,” highlights important trends that will shape the internal comms industry in the year ahead and beyond.

The report names employee experience as the biggest factor for comms pros to consider — especially since 47% of internal communicators struggle with low levels of employee responsiveness.

Topics covered in the 35-page report include:

  • Top internal communications goals for 2022
  • Key internal communications challenges
  • Insight on third-party IC softwares and tools
  • The state of remote and hybrid work this year
  • The outlook for returning to the office

Download your free copy of the report and start improving your internal comms strategy today.

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