Having Multicultural Conversations That Matter

Learn how to have these important conversations internally and externally.

Including authentic, diverse voices in brand conversations should be a critical part of your communication strategy. But that’s not always done, or done well.

To help with those conversations, which can be challenging for many organizations, Business Wire spoke with three experts to get more insights and compiled that information into a timely, new download, “Having Multicultural Conversations That Matter.”

Bernadette Morris, president and CEO of Sonshine Communications; Christina Yumul, co-founding principal of The Change Agencies; and Latricia Harper Woods, founder and president of Mahogany Xan Communications, share ways to improve the effectiveness of your multicultural communication strategies and outreach.

In this guide, you'll learn  how to:

  • Include diverse communicators
  • Build groups to establish a communication culture
  • Walk the walk and talk the talk
  • Don't just hire diverse employees, include them
  • Build from wherever you are

Download your copy today.


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