How 3 companies mined email data to better engage employees

Analyzing who is opening, reading and engaging with your internal email messages can boost efficiency and improve workforce engagement—even with a global or largely nondesk workforce.

Wishing you could improve the numbers on how well your employees open, read and engage with your internal email messages?

This free download from Ragan Communications and PoliteMail provides case studies from three email analytics leaders:

  • “4 ways a homebuilder effectively reaches a dispersed workforce” shows how homebuilder Taylor Morrison reaches in-office and remote workers alike.
  • “7 ways Expedia Group improved email to reach its diverse global staff” reveals how the travel leader segments audiences, enables employee questions and developed a shared business calendar.
  • “5 ways email metrics bolstered internal comms success” shows how cybersecurity firm FireEye increases engagement.

In this free guide you will learn:

  • Why short messages work better
  • How to target individual groups of employees
  • Why you should vary formats for better results
  • How to extend mobile’s reach beyond out-of-office workforces
  • How using the right “from” address can boost readership
  • How email metrics give communications greater leverage
  • How to add video to the email mix
  • Why you should enable employee feedback
  • How images can increase email understanding
  • How Expedia helps employees sort their email

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