How brands approach sustainability in 2021

Sustainability has become a crucial consideration for all companies, to the point where messaging about “ethics,” “serving our community” and “commitments to do better” have become white noise.

How can your company pursue sustainability objectives in meaningful ways? A new report from NewsWhip, “How brands approach sustainability in 2021,” offers helpful, real-world guidance to learn from others’ failures and successes. The free guide will help you benchmark your own efforts, and it sheds light on:

  • The top content about brands and sustainability in 2021, which can fuel your own efforts moving forward
  • Top publishers writing about brands and sustainability
  • What types of content drive the most engagement
  • How companies such as Patagonia, Sony and Tesla tackle sustainability issues
  • Brand Facebook pages that received the most engagement on sustainability content
  • How “greenwashing” is being covered in the media and received by the public

Consumers are increasingly expecting—and demanding—to patronize companies that act ethically and in accordance with modern values and virtues. This shift toward embracing sustainable business practices requires more than mere messaging. It takes action, investment and strategic planning.

Download your free guide today to start approaching sustainability in more substantive ways.

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