How chatbots and AI can transform your internal comms

Discover the practical, realistic ways that communicators are using these technologies to deliver messages, streamline communication and boost efficiency.

What if you could have a personal assistant? They would answer your emails and free up your time to think more creatively about your job.

You don’t need to hire someone. You need a chatbot.

In this free downloadable guide from Ragan and LiveTiles, “How chatbots and AI can transform your internal comms,” you’ll learn why and how communicators are using this technology.

Chatbots don’t require you to be technology savvy (it’s code-free) or have a big budget. It’s affordable and easy to implement. In this guide, you’ll learn how artificial intelligence and chatbots will:

  • Free up your time to focus on your job and be more productive
  • Answer common email questions on your behalf
  • Manage and/or automate time-consuming tasks
  • Be your personal digital assistant
  • And more

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