How organizations connect and engage with frontline workers from Simpplr

Modern organizations recognize the need to include everyone in creating a cohesive and engaging employee experience for the entire workforce — and not just for “office” workers, as approximately 80% of the global workforce is frontline. With a rising generation of tech-savvy workers, mounting external pressures and enterprise-level computing advances, organizations must adapt, embrace and evolve with the changing workforce and its needs.

In “How Organizations Connect and Engage With Frontline Workers,” Simpplr lays out the process for a more cohesive workforce, including:

  • Understanding organization and employee pain points.
  • Creating a mobile “link” for the frontline workforce.
  • Engaging employees with their own stories.
  • Creating a successful employee experience program that engages everyone.
  • And much more.

Download the free report today to see how to create a successful program that reduces the number of disengaged, detached and dissatisfied employees — retaining top talent in return.

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