How to: Business Success Through Employee Advocacy

Haiilo’s new report outlines how to engage employees as brand ambassadors.

With so much information shared everyday with employees, it’s hard to filter what’s sticking and what isn’t. What if you could tailor messages specifically to groups within your organization to build further company engagement and ultimately have your employees be your brand’s advocates?

Haiilo’s new report outlines Old World messaging vs. New World messaging and explores how to deliver the “right information, right employee at the right time. Every day. Anywhere. That is the promised land, the new world, a place where information finds you. It’s personalized, organized, instant and very importantly, measurable.”

This New World allows you to “continuously learn what resonates with your audience internally and externally and improve on the content you’re creating,” according to the report. The result is employee advocacy thanks to relevant content that truly resonates with employees and ultimately increases engagement. Then, employees will seem more likely to share your company’s content, amplifying your company’s voice and acting as brand ambassadors.

 Learn the secrets to amplifying your messages internally so that employees can amplify your messages externally. Download the report today.

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