Building More Authentic Leaders Using Live Video: Executive Summary

The ultimate video checklist for communicators.

As we move to more flexible and hybrid teams we risk losing the strong connection to our employees we once had.

Engagement is evaporating. Burnout is spreading like wildfire. Leaders are desperate to maintain some semblance of normalcy but are unsure how to proceed amid such uncertainty:

  • How do you keep morale and productivity high amid the chaos of a world-changing pandemic?
  • What can I do or prioritize to remain indispensable?
  • How can we maintain camaraderie and a compelling culture without physical presence or a brick-and-mortar HQ?

In our recent workshop with Workplace from Facebook we demonstrated how to engage employees better using live video. In “Building More Authentic Leaders Using Live Video," you'll learn:

  • Four steps to create a connected company and cohesive culture.
  • How to craft authentic internal communication that resonates during the pandemic.
  • How to make virtual presentations pop.
  • Livestreaming tips, troubleshooting and techniques.
  • Hot communication trends.
  • And more!

Download your video checklist today, and instantly improve your communication prowess.

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