How to Engage Your Forgotten Non-Desk Workforce in 2020

Employees who don’t sit at a desk and stare at a computer all day can be tough to reach.

Whether they’re assisting customers, driving a forklift or assembling products, these front-line workers are the lifeblood of your business—yet they often feel disconnected, underappreciated and out of the loop.

Staffbase’s new report—“How to Engage Your Forgotten Non-Desk Workforce in 2020”—provides practical steps to build robust lines of two-way communication with your deskless employees. A sampling of the guidance includes:

  • Alert employees with smartphone notifications. They might not be refreshing their inboxes throughout the day, but deskless workers will check their phones. So, reach them where they’re already looking.
  • Connect with remote colleagues via video. Establishing more genuine human connections with non-office employees can build rapport, trust and engagement.
  • Unite employees with success stories. Who doesn’t like praise? Highlight, honor and recognize superstar employees frequently to build an uplifting culture.
  • Make essential tasks easy to perform. If you make workers hunt and search for crucial content, you’ve already lost them. Make crucial tasks simple to find and complete.
  • Segment your audiences. If you blast everyone with the same message, you’ll be ignored. Create distinct user groups based on location, job type, communication preferences or demographics.

By reaching employees where they are, with concise, compelling content, you can inspire, motivate, unite and empower your workforce.

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