How to make the case for upgrading your intranet

A contemporary intranet can be a powerful tool to promote your culture, recruit talent and fight fake news, but how do you convince your leaders? Start here to make your successful case.

An intranet that fails to advance your organization’s agenda is no asset; it’s a detriment.

If your intranet is no more than a bulletin board cluttered with outdated messages, it’s time to move to a modern hub that enables collaboration, commenting and groups.

With this free guide from Ragan Communications and Simpplr, you’ll learn how to make the case for an intranet that is a dynamic part of achieving success and meeting your organization’s business goals. Find out how the intranet can be a digital headquarters for far-flung workforces, spreading culture, knowledge and a sense of purpose.

In this guide, you’ll learn:

  • How intranet can create a workforce that is more engaged and productive—and less likely to jump ship
  • How to determine what kind of intranet you want
  • Why you should approach pre-design employee surveys with an eye to your campaign to roll out the new platform
  • That modern intranets help with recruiting and retention in a tight labor market
  • How the intranet aligns the workforce with company objectives, boosting productivity

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