How to shoot engaging videos while working from home

No high-end video equipment at home? Nothing in your house that resembles a video studio? No green screen? No problem.

You can still create dynamic and engaging video—with just your mobile phone, tablet or computer.

Download our tip sheet to help you produce videos for internal and external stakeholders. We cover:

  • Story planning: Is video the best medium for your content?
  • Pre-production: What’s the goal of the video and what elements are required to produce it?
  • Equipment and set up: How and where will the video be shot?
  • Filming: What’s your big 30-second opening and how digestible is your footage?
  • Post-production: Where will you post the video and how will you engage your audience with it?

Use these tips to improve your video quality, message and engagement.

Download it now.

Bonus content: Check out our video-at-home equipment production list.

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