How to transform dull stories into compelling content

Sick of churning out content nobody reads or watches? Bring life to dull stories. Get employees to contribute. And fire up your video campaigns.

If you’re tired of phoning it in—cranking out the same old stories and video messages—it’s time for a fresh approach.

“If you wouldn’t want to read it, don’t write it,” says Jake Jacobson, director of public relations
at Children’s Mercy Kansas City. “If you feel like you’re writing a boring story, that’s exactly what you’re doing. If it’s an assignment and you must do it, then dig deeper and find that hook.”

“How to transform dull stories into compelling content,” a free download from Ragan Communications and Dynamic Signal, will make your job fun again and your messaging more successful.

The guide features valuable tips from Children’s Mercy, Intel, Merkle Inc., the business analytics firm SAS, Metropolitan State University Denver, Dynamic Signal and Ragan Consulting Group.

Learn how to:

• Bring boring content to life for your employees
• Find ways to make people—not obligatory topics—the center of your messaging
• Get your leaders to speak like human beings
• Deploy the two most important elements of writing
• Use humor when addressing your staff
• Get employees to contribute content, easing your workload
• Hold contests and spotlight remote offices
• Feature inspirational stories
• Use employee “video selfies” in town halls
• Tell the backstory on that major sales win

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