Lessons Learned: A look at 2021 communications crises

NewsWhip’s Crisis Report shines the spotlight on some of the most newsworthy crises and communications tactics to protect brand image.

If there’s been one constant for communicators in the last couple of years, it’s crises. No organization is immune from some form of crisis, and it’s mission-critical for communicators to craft the right messages to protect brands (no matter the crisis situation) and mitigate risk.

While every crisis comes with its own nuances, for communicators, there are always lessons to be learned—and key takeaways to aid in future crisis communications. NewsWhip’s Crisis: Q4 2021 report takes a behind-the-scenes look at some of the most newsworthy crises of 2021, including product recalls (a constant, unfortunately), vaccine mandates (predicted to still be top news in 2022) and executives in the news (Better.com, Netflix, Twitter and Peloton, to mention a few). The report highlights communication similarities and differences—and important lessons brands can take from the most salient examples of communications crises.

In NewsWhip’s Crisis: Q4 2021 report, you will learn:

  • The timing and impact of various product recalls in Q4
  • How executives can singlehandedly damage a brand’s reputation
  • How companies and their employees are reacting to vaccine mandates
  • How brand partnerships can be affected by outspoken influencers

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