Making the Business Case for a Modern Intranet

Among those who pull the purse strings at your organization, is communication regarded as an indispensable business expense worthy of investment?

Of course, the answer should be “yes,” but more often than not, you’ll face an uphill challenge getting senior leaders to invest in internal messaging. This lack of understanding of how comms ties to ROI makes it difficult to get the intranet your colleagues deserve.

Simpplr’s new download—"Making the Business Case for a Modern Intranet”—equips communicators with compelling information to persuade even the most skeptical CEO. To make your case for a new or improved intranet, Simpplr suggests focusing on meatier arguments. This might entail:

  • Showing that the need for a modern intranet is an organizational problem, not isolated to only you and your team.
  • Mapping the initiative to a tangible business priority instead of trying to create a new one.
  • Showing (and proving) that the status quo is worse than doing nothing.
  • Getting alignment across departments and leadership.
  • Formulating a logical justification for how a modern intranet helps the organization.

Simpplr’s extensive research can show you how to achieve these objectives, secure buy-in from decision-makers, and so much more. Download your free guide today to start building a better business case for a new intranet.

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