Owning 2021: How to Perform a Comms Audit

Best practices to get the most out of your comms strategy

Communication is the foundation upon which companies can keep people productive, connected and engaged.

But how can you track, gauge and measure success? How can communicators consistently prove the value of their work?

Conducting a thorough comms audit is the perfect place to start. The prospect of analyzing your messaging efforts may seem daunting, but Dynamic Signal’s new download, “Owning 2021: How to Perform a Comms Audit,” offers a helpful framework to walk you through the process.

Dynamic Signal’s guide will show you how to execute an audit in a way that sets communication up to be the key driver of a thriving culture. In the free download, you’ll learn how to:

  • Identify business goals & challenges.
  • Define your key audiences.
  • Partner with others in your organization to maximize buy-in and collaboration.
  • Analyze your current comms channels and audiences.
  • Conduct focus groups.
  • Segment content types.
  • Analyze crucial metrics that matter.
  • Confidently present your findings, and propose recommendations.
  • And much more.

Get your free copy of Dynamic Signal’s new download today, and start taking strides toward conducting a thorough, much-needed comms audit.

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