The Comms Maturity Landscape

The Staffbase Internal Communications Maturity Assessment Results

The pandemic has heightened the need for companies to communicate clearly and effectively with their employees.

Staffbase’s new guide, “The Comms Maturity Landscape,” offers a rare peek behind the curtain of how your industry peers are performing in terms of messaging. The free download also offers crucial benchmarking data you can use to inform, fuel and augment your own work.

In this free guide, you’ll learn:

  • How your company’s comms efforts stack up to your competitors
  • How to grade your own messaging efforts by measuring them in relation to the standard of excellence represented by the IC Strategy Model
  • Which aspects of internal comms tend to lag, and where the most opportunities to improve are
  • How to ensure leaders and line managers are up to speed on their role in the communication process
  • How to maximize internal feedback and building meaningful connections between colleagues
  • How to measure the effectiveness of your messaging efforts—and prove how your work ties to substantive business success.

Download your free guide today, and get an honest assessment of how much impact your internal communications are making on the business.

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