The Communications Playbook for Healthcare

Three industry challenges and customer case studies.

Chances are, an alarming percentage of your workforce is suffering from burnout, fatigue and high levels of chronic stress.

You can’t expect to eliminate the pressure and strain that healthcare workers are enduring amid COVID-19, but prioritizing clear, consistent communication can do a world of good for your team’s morale—and productivity.

To help provide strategic clarity and direction for those eager to engage dispersed, on-the-move, non-desk healthcare employees, Staffbase—provider of an employee app and people-first intranet—has a playbook that offers insights into:

  • The current state of healthcare workplace communication, which continues to lag behind most industries.
  • Three essential strategies for engaging non-desk workers.
  • Applicable case studies and takeaways from Franciscan Children’s Hospital, Lower Austrian Provincial Health Agency, and UC Health.
  • Communicating to different target groups and segmenting messages for each audience.
  • Creating shift plans, and ensuring everyone is on the same scheduling page.
  • Reducing turnover and burnout.
  • And much more.

Download your playbook today for powerful, practical insights into engaging your workers and creating more cohesive communications.

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